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Norton Login

Norton Login is a procedure you need to follow to reach your account. It allows you to perform several functions that can elevate your experience of using the antivirus. For signing in to your account, you must read the information provided below. Here, you find all the information that is required to perform the Norton login process successfully. 

Norton Login

Learn How to Access Norton Account

You would need to have a Norton Account to execute the Norton Login process. So, create an account first by visiting a signing web page via URL “”. Now, click the “Create Account” option and provide the details required for the process. After you are done, you can move to the login process that is provided below. 

  1. Navigate to the Norton login window. Use the “” URL to do this, then click the Enter key.
  2. Once you reach, you have to enter the Norton login credentials in their respective fields.
    • Note: The password you provide is case sensitive. Hence, with the utmost care, you have to enter the exact same password that you have created. 
  3. After entering the details, you opt to save your credentials and stop wasting your time entering them again and again. To opt, you have to tick the checkbox stating “Remember Me”.
  4. After reading the privacy policy you can conclude the Norton login process. The link for the policy document is located just above the Sign In button. Make sure, confirming the process will automatically be considered your agreement with the terms. Hence, you must read it carefully. 
  5. Conclude the process and access your account by tapping the “Sign In” button. 

How to Update Various Information Using Your Norton Account

Using your account, you can perform a wide range of functions. Among all the functions, updating personal information is an important function. Using this, you can change the information that you have added earlier. Lots of information can be updated. To do so, check the directions given below for updating different information.   

Personal Information:

To update your personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, password, etc. you have to move to the account settings window, and tap the details that you need to update. Then, enter the updated information and hit the “Update” option.  

Billing Information:

For updating billing information, you have to move to the billing information tab and tap the “Pencil” shape icon. Further, you have to type in the correct information and press “Save”.

How To Check If You Have A Norton Account or Not?

If you are confused if you have a Norton account or not, then, you have to look at the below-given information and find out about your account.

  • If you have installed Norton on your system and activated it, then you must have a Norton account. This is because, for performing this process, account creation is a must to perform process.
  • In case you have made the purchase from an online store, then you require to enter your name, email address, as well as password. This means the creation of an account. 
  • If you have access to various Norton services like Norton family, Online backup, safe web, etc. then you must have an account.